fuck yeah nev schulman
fuck yeah nev schulman
This blog is dedicated to the ever charming Nev Schulman from Catfish and MTV's Catfish: The TV Show. Max Joseph will also make repeated appearances because, honestly, I dig him.

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1 month ago
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hi friends! i left for a year minute and now there are quite a few of you! but never fear, fellow nev lovers - i’m baaaaaack!

9 months ago
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Anonymous asked: How old is Max?

i honestly have no idea. i dug around a little bit, but i couldn’t find it listed anywhere. does anyone else know?

9 months ago
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hi new followers! who’s excited for new catfish tonight?

Anonymous asked: Does Max have a girlfriend? x

i believe he does. if you look through his instagram, you can see her in a lot of pictures. (:

busystreets-busylivess asked: What's on my mind? Just thanks for this blog haahahha love that man. He deserves it. thank you! x

you are so welcome! the world needs more nev! mwaaaah x

@nevschulman: Monday Blues. #babymugging

@nevschulman: Monday Blues. #babymugging

Drumroll, please. Catfish Season 2 is coming out June 25th at 10/9 central.”